What Are a Resident’s Rights to Privacy in a Senior Living Community?

What Are a Resident’s Rights to Privacy in a Senior Living Community?

by | May 31, 2022 | Assisted Living, Blog, Independent Living, Personal Care home

What Are a Resident’s Rights to Privacy in a Senior Living Community?

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when moving yourself or a loved one into a senior living community. One of the considerations that should not get overlooked is the residents’ right to privacy.

Privacy is a fundamental right and that doesn’t change when someone moves into senior living or assisted living. There’s a pervasive myth that people who live in senior living communities have to sacrifice all their privacy but that simply isn’t true.

Depending on the arrangement of the community, residents may enjoy a similar level of privacy to living in an apartment complex or residential neighborhood. Those in independent living will have the most privacy but seniors in assisted living or personal care homes still maintain plenty of privacy, too.

Residents in assisted living in San Antonio receive additional care which means they may have daily (or otherwise frequent) contact with staff members. This should not significantly reduce the residents’ overall level of privacy, however. 

There’s also the issue of residents’ records. As is the case with any medical records, records of residents living in senior living must be kept private and confidential. Staff at the senior living facilities in San Antonio will only share private information with co-workers if they “need to know” and never with anyone else. 

The bottom line is that residents in a senior living community have the same rights to privacy as everyone else. The staff working in the community will help the residents as needed, depending on the level of care each resident requires, but otherwise will not intrude on their privacy. 

It’s all about balancing the care that residents need with their rights to privacy. Golden Age Senior Placement values your privacy as much as you do. We provide excellent senior placement in San Antonio. Visit our website to learn more!  

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