The role of motivation in seeking help for older adults

Old age comes with many challenges, including physical pain, emotional draining, and numerous other pressures of life. This stress affects aged individuals and could lead most to depression. Many seniors often feel tired and de-motivated, with some having no zeal or will to live. Fortunately, this can be changed with the right motivation. Caregivers and other people around the senior citizens need to understand how to motivate the adults and ensure they are happy and excited about life. But how can one achieve this?

1. Focus on Few and Achievable Goals

Seniors do not need a lot of pressure. In most cases, they want to achieve some level of independence. Most seniors committed to senior placement San Antonio facilities require assistance with basic life activities. This can be frustrating, especially if the senior was previously very independent and a high achiever. Unfortunately, as one ages, and sometimes due to sickness and other health conditions, they tend to lose their independence and rely more on others to get by. 

You can motivate them to gain back some level of this independence by setting achievable but straightforward goals. It would be best always to celebrate the small wins, too, as this will push them to strive to do more and stay motivated, which is good for their quality of life.

2. Focus on affirming their Self Identity

If you have visited any assisted living San Antonio facilities, you have witnessed how withdrawn some of the seniors are. Newcomers may be affected even more because they are struggling with self-identity. Even if seniors are dependent on most occasions, they still want to feel relevant and valuable. 

You can encourage them by helping them work on their self-esteem and self-identity. The idea is to help the seniors own their weaknesses and strengths and boldly embrace their situation. Once they reach a level of self-acceptance, they get to view the world differently and can easily change their mindset positively. Fortunately, it is easy to motivate seniors to get to this level. All you have to do is care and listen to them as they share their stories.

3.. Encourage the Use of Technology

Your loved one is committed to a senior living San Antonio facility does not mean you have to neglect them. You can still keep in touch via technology. The facility can ensure that the seniors talk to their loved ones daily, making them feel loved and connected to family.

There are numerous ways to motivate a senior. Just make sure they feel they belong and can sense the love.

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