How do you know if it is the right time for assisted living?

Everyone enjoys staying with their elderly loved ones until they can no longer do it anymore. Due to work, engagements or lack of professional skills to assist your loved one, there may come a time when you need to consider senior living San Antonio services, like Golden Age Senior Placement. While there is nothing wrong with caring for your loved one at home, it is also essential to get the right kind of specialized help from others, especially from specialists. But when do you know it is time to consider getting this kind of help? Below are some indicators that could help transition without feeling guilty.

1. You are Suffering from Caregiving Burnout

While you certainly love and adore your senior loved one, caregiving is not easy. Many people experience burnout and may struggle with enjoying this process like they did at the beginning. You should consider senior Placement San Antonio services, like Golden Age Senior Placement, once you realize that it is now becoming burdensome to help your loved one, or you are getting irritated or easily snap/break down. Find an assisted living facility that would offer round-the-clock help to your loved ones while at the same time allowing them to be independent. Workers at such facilities operate on a shift, so one person doesn’t have to burn out from caring for the seniors.

2. If the Senior Keeps Getting Injured

If your loved one injures themselves frequently, you may have to take action. Not every care giver can afford to be around all the time. You may have to explore the option of having your loved one enrolled in an Assisted Living San Antonio community so that they can have someone watching them all the time. If they keep injuring themselves for any reason, you can rest easy knowing that they are under 24-hour surveillance and will not get hurt in the process.

3. Your Loved one Struggles to Take Care of Themselves

Most seniors insist on doing stuff for themselves. However, due to fatigue, medical complications, and sometimes the fact that they are old, they may not be in a position to help themselves. Once you realize that your loved one suddenly cannot accomplish even the basic tasks around the house because they get overwhelmed or are unsure of what to do, they may need to be placed to a senior living San Antonio facility where they get to receive the help they need. What’s more, such facilities are good for them because of their community. This may be the best decision you ever made to improve the quality of their life.

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